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GDPR (english version)

Our personal data policy

1. General
Gewa Control is a ventilation and heath company.
Gewa Control collects and stores information about you to provide a good service to you and to recognize your set up. The information is processed in accordance with applicable legislation.

1.1 In this personal data policy, “Gewa Control”, “we”, “us” and “our” refers to Gewa Control, Effective Address: Merlegårdsvej 19, 2635 Ishøj Landsby, Denmark. When you use our services, your personal information is processed in accordance with this policy.

1.2 Information processed in Gewa Control’s Customer Directory and Mailing System will be processed in accordance with current legislation and the Data Inspectorate’s current guidelines.

2. Data Manager
Gewa Control is the data controller for the information you give us permission to use or as we download and save when using our services. This means that Gewa Control is responsible for complying with the rules of the Personal Data Act when we process your data.

2.1 Gewa Control is the data controller for personal information used for the following activities and services at:
Google Analytics
Google Console
Google Plus

3. What treatment is being done?

3.1 Customer Information When you enter into an agreement with us, you must provide your personal information and contact details. Gewa Control needs this information about you to identify you, provide our services, and provide customer service to you.

3.1.1 Data In addition, Gewa Control collects, depending on the services you use, other information you provide to Gewa Control. For example, this may be your addresses, number of people in your household, as well as other information. Gewa Control collects this information only if you inform them of Gewa Control, which is voluntary, but for some features, some of the information is required.

3.1.2 Purpose Gewa Control collects personal information about you in order to register and identify you as a travel participant and to provide Gewa Control services to you. Gewa Control also collects the personal information in order to contact you if you need to confirm your information, answer your questions and provide customer service to you. Gewa Control also collects personal information to comply with applicable law, comply with governmental requirements, comply with Gewa Control’s internal policies, and enforce Gewa Control Terms of Trade. Finally, Gewa Control collects your personal information to pursue available remedies and limit liability in case of any disputes.

3.1.3 Legal basis Gewa Control has the authority to process the said personal data, as processing of the information is necessary in order for Gewa Control to provide its services to you. Some information is processed by Gewa Control, because Gewa Control has a legitimate interest in such processing.

3.2 Offer Service Gewa Control can with your consent send you good, relevant and targeted offers on goods or services. The offers can be submitted based on your profile information or overall consumption data. Gewa Control deals with some of your information on an overall level to provide you with great deals. The purpose of processing your data in the offer service is to be able to target offers to you.

3.2.1 General If you wish that Gewa Control gives you relevant and targeted offers based on your usage information, you must give Gewa Control permission for this. Gewa Control never gives bidders access to your information without your specific and separate consent.

3.2.2 Data If you agree that Gewa Control may use your information for use by Gewa Control’s service, Gewa Control deals with the following data: Email address Profile Information (Personal Information) Overall consumption history Your overall usage data is used solely for the purpose of placing you in a consumer category.

3.2.3 Data The purpose of using your information in the Offering Service is to be able to target relevant offers from Gewa Control and Gewa Control Partners to you. 3.2.4 Legal basis Treatment is based on your consent.

3.3 Technical information Gewa Control records a number of technical information when you use Gewa Control Services. The purpose of the collection is to optimize Gewa Control services and track any abuse.

3.3.1 General Gewa Control records a number of technical information when you use Gewa Control Services.

3.3.2 Data Gewa Control records your IP address, operating system, and device information when using Gewa Control Services and also browser information and settings when using Web.

3.3.3 Purpose Gewa Control collects the technical information for making technical improvements and optimization of its Services and Services. In addition, IP Address, Device Information, and Browser Information is collected for Gewa Control to track any illegal activities and abuse of its Services.

3.3.4 Legal basis Gewa Control has a legitimate interest in obtaining your technical information in order to improve and optimize its Services and to prevent and pursue abuse of its Services.

3.4 Cookies m.v. Gewa Control uses cookies and other technical measures on Gewa Control’s services. Cookies and the like are used for different purposes. Some are necessary, others help remember your preferences, and others for analysis. Some are used for marketing purposes. You can always delete or block cookies, but the use of Gewa Control’s services will be bothered by it.

3.4.1 General By using Gewa Control Services, you agree that Gewa Control uses cookies and so-called widgets on the Web and so-called tracking identifiers on the App for different purposes.

3.4.2 Purpose The cookies, etc., which Gewa Control uses on its Services, has different purposes. On the Web: Required cookies. These are cookies that are necessary for you to use Web, for example, remember that you are logged in to the entire Web. Preference cookies. These are cookies that remember your settings, for example, your login may be remembered if you have requested this. Analyze cookies. These are cookies that are used to measure and analyze how the Web is used. Widgets. On the web, so-called widgets are used from Facebook and Twitter, so Gewa Controlcan show recent activities about Gewa Control from Facebook and / or Twitter. If you’re signed in to Facebook or Twitter, the overview is personal.

3.4.3 Withdrawal of consent / deletion of cookies You may at any time revoke your consent that Gewa Control may use cookies on the Web. In your browser you can delete and block the use of cookies. How you do this depends on which browser you are using. If you use more than one internet browser, you must delete and block the use of cookies in all of them. You can find instructions for this at minecookies.org/cookiehandtering.

3.4.4 If you do not accept cookies, etc. If you do not accept that cookies and so on are used on Gewa Control Web, you may either stop using Gewa Control, or you can delete cookies and block cookies. Blocking cookies may mean that you can not use certain features on the Web.

3.5 Support If Gewa Control is to provide support for you, Gewa Control can process personal data to better assist you. Gewa Control Support can only access your information if you give separate consent to this. The consent can always be revoked.

3.5.1 General Based on your inquiry, Gewa Control provides support for your travels. In connection with support, Gewa Control may access limited personal information registered with you, but will only be available to you as necessary. Gewa Control will only access your information with your prior consent.

3.5.2 Data When you contact Gewa Control support, Gewa Control employees can access limited data about your user: Your email address Information about what services / products in Gewa Control, you use and to what extent Logs of events, such as when you have logged in if errors have occurred due to the use of Gewa Control Services, etc.

3.5.3 Purpose The purpose of Gewa Controls to access your information is to provide support and solve any challenges you may have with the use of Gewa Control Services.

3.5.4 Legal basis Gewa Control goes back to your support information to meet your needs for assistance. Gewa Control only deals with your detailed data in connection with support, if you give a special consent to Gewa Control or your own request.

3.5.5 Withdrawal of consent You may at any time revoke your consent for Gewa Control to access your detailed data. Gewa Control Support can not access these for support.

3.5.6 If you do not give consent If you do not agree that Gewa Control in connection with support may access your detailed data, there may be conditions that Gewa Control can not provide support to.

4. Recipients / transmission of data
Gewa Control passes only your personal business data with your acceptance, or where it is statutory or to handle legal requirements.

4.1 The personal information provided by Gewa Control will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent unless Gewa Control is required to disclose the information under the law or for Gewa Control to defend or enforce legal requirements.

4.2 You have the opportunity to allow others in your company to see your information in Gewa Control. For example, it may be a colleague or adviser. If you choose this, you agree that Gewa Control, in order to comply with this agreement with you, must disclose your information to the person concerned.

5. Storage period
Gewa Control records your personal information as long as you are using Gewa Control Services. However, if it is statutory or in order to handle legal requirements, personal data is kept for longer.
Gewa Control can anonymize your information instead of deleting them.

5.1 Gewa Control stores your personal data until you terminate your agreement with Gewa Control. However, Gewa Control can store data for a longer period of time, if necessary to comply with legal requirements or to take care of Gewa Control’s legal interests.

5.2 In certain cases, instead of deleting your personal data, Gewa Control will anonymize these so that the information can not be returned to you.

6. Personal rights
You have a number of rights when Gewa Control deals with your personal data.
You have the right to understand what personal information Gewa Control has about you.
You are entitled to correct incorrect information.
You are entitled to delete your information in some cases.
You are entitled to so-called data portability.
You can always object to Gewa Control’s processing of your personal data.
You always have the right to object to Gewa Control’s use of your personal data for direct marketing.

6.1 You have the right at any time to know what personal information Gewa Control deals with, for what purpose, from which Gewa Control has your personal information and who receives your personal information.

6.2 You may at any time have the right to err inaccurate or misleading personal information that Gewa Control has to deal with you. You can use personal information, such as your name, email address, etc., through your personal profile. Gewa Control will be pleased to hear from you if we are to help correct your information.

6.3 You may, in a number of cases, have deleted the information that Gewa Control has to deal with you. If you no longer wish to use Gewa Control Service, you can always contact Gewa Control and ask us to delete all your data. This will not be possible to restore.

6.4 You may at any time have the right to provide personal information that you have provided to Gewa Control in a custom and machine-readable format.

6.5 You may at any time object to Gewa Control’s processing of your personal information due to your particular circumstances.

6.6 You may at any time object to the use of your personal data for the use of direct marketing by Gewa Control. Gewa Controlwill terminate such use.

7. Transfer of personal information outside the EU
Gewa Control uses computer users in countries outside the EU

7.1 Gewa Control uses certain computer operators located outside the EU. Below are the legal and legal transfer bases for the transfer. Google, Inc. Ireland Youtube, Inc (Google) USA Facebook, Inc. USA Instagram, Inc. USA

7.2 Gewa Control may refer to where you obtain a copy of the relevant transfer basis upon request.

8. Confidentiality
Gewa Control treats your data confidentially. However, data can be accessed if necessary to resolve technical issues or to provide support to you.

8.1 Gewa Control always treats your personal data confidentially. Selected employees at Gewa Control have the authority to access data where it is necessary to solve operational or technical issues. In connection with support for you, Gewa Control employees may, with your consent, access your transaction data. All of Gewa Control’s employees are subject to strict confidentiality requirements in the processing of personal data.

9. Withdrawal of consent
You can always revoke all or some of your consent to Gewa Control.

9.1 You may revoke your consent at any time by email.

9.2 If you revoke one or more of your consent, you may no longer be able to use Gewa Control Service in full or in part.

10. Changes to the policy
Gewa Control can change this privacy policy at any time. You will be informed of any changes.

10.1 Gewa Control reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice. Changes to the policy will come into effect upon publication of the policy on Gewa Control Service.

10.2 Gewa Control also informs you of changes to the policy by contacting you at the e-mail address that you have specified.

11. Data Protection Advisor
If you have questions about Gewa Control’s processing of your personal data, you can always contact kim@gewa-control.dk

11.1 Gewa Control has appointed a data protection consultant who advises Gewa Control regarding the processing of personal data and can guide you on how to exercise your rights. You can contact the Gewa Control Data Protection Advisor by making a written request to Gewa Control, Att .: Kim, Merlegårdsvej 19, 2635 Ishøj Landsby or kim@gewa-control.dk.

11.2 If you have questions about the personal data policy or Gewa Control’s processing of your personal data, please contact the Gewa Control Data Protection Advisor.

12. Complaints
If you want to complain about Gewa Control’s personal data processing, it may happen to Gewa Control or Data Inspection.

12.1 If you wish to complain about the processing of your personal data, we would love to hear from you. Gewa Control’s contact information can be found in section.
12.2. You also have the opportunity to file a complaint with Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5. 1300 Copenhagen K, Denmark or www.datatilsynet.dk.

13. Version
The personal data policy was last updated in June 2018.

13.1 This Privacy Policy is updated in June 2018.